The Green Bough

a sanctuary

One morning, soon after moving into my island home in 1997, I awakened to the words of a loving, deep dream voice speaking: “… the name of your healing centre is The Green Bough, a sanctuary. You can begin your centre alone, you do not need to have a group to join you”.  I remembered an anonymous Chinese writing that I had treasured as a teen: Keep a green bough in you heart, and the bird of happiness will alight on it. It became a beautiful & guiding metaphor for this healing sanctuary/studio/home.
For many years now I have realized that I am joined - on a material level by the creatures and beauty of the flora and fauna that surround this home; bringing peace, tranquility, inspiration and joy, and by the invisible world energies that work through and with me. They guide my growth in understanding the mystery, facilitating deepened learning in working with subtle energy and in being with people. Subsequent to an illness I am no longer able to practice hands-on healing work, so have followed the form the healing wants to manifest in.
I appreciate the depth and degree of healing that comes not only from the practice of artmaking, but also from being in the presence of nurturing, heart-created art. I have come to understand Artmaking as a form of subtle energy work that can encompass any creative discipline - writing, poetry, painting, sculpting, dance, film, music, ritual, ceremony and more. Art that comes from the heart, the intuitive, can be not only a form of spiritual practice but as well, a potent healer – for the artist and the art recipient.
The art in the galleries on this site is some of the art that I am blessed to be part of creating. I share The Green Bough sanctuary/studio with Joy Olsen, an imaginative artist whose nature and sea related work is uplifting and healing. I have included links to others who offer healing to this world and it’s people.

(Please email me if you have an interest in any of the pieces of art on this site)

May all be Happy, May all feel Love, and May all experience Peace.



Joy Olsen: An exceptional artist bringing whimsy and play to clay
Michele Cassou: An intuitive painting method – through the layers
Shamanism: A  ‘safe’ organization to learn shamanic practices
Mold Help: A starting place to heal from mould inhalation exposure
Neuro Test: Dr Kaye Kilburn, Chemical Brain Injury specialist
School Mold Help: A vital information source for mould/toxin exposure
Environmental toxin treatment centre